What is the current currency in Iran? Rial or Toman?

The Answer to this question might be a little confusing, but here we explain it for you:

The Official currency in Iran is Rial. It means that the government and offices, banks, organizations, hotels, and so on work with this unit of currency. They are the same currency, but in daily routine life, Iranian people use the term Toman when making transactions or speaking.

The easiest way to understand this is for example:

100,000 Rials is 10,000 Tomans. In conversation however, locals will refer to this amount as 10 Tomans or “Taa”.

Each Toman equal to 10 Rials:

Tomans                                 Rials

100                                      1,000   IRR

1,000                                    10,000   IRR

10,000                               100,000   IRR

Does Iranian currency have anything like traveller’s cheques?

Yes, in Iran there are something called ‘Teravel’. There are two kinds: 500,000 IRR and 1,000,000 IRR.

How tourists should change their money?

They have two ways to change their money:

1. Changing at the airport  

2. Changing at official currency exchanges

These places are called ‘Saraafi’ in Iran. They are common and easy to find.

 Some tips:

  1. You must use cash or ‘Teravel’ cheques in Iran or international credit and debit cards do not work. Remember, “Cash is King” as they say.
  2. Sometimes DollarsEuros or Pounds will be accepted.

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