Iran Visa

Iran Tourist Visa

According to the regulations of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a tourist visa is needed for foreign nationals who are interested in visiting Iran individually or with a group for the purpose of visiting Iran, family or relatives. Close to 100 % of Iran visas are issued. The visa can be issued for a maximum stay of 90 days with option of Extension in Iran.

Basically, there are two types of tourist visa:

1.Iran Tourist Visa. This type of visa is for those tourists who prefer to have their visa prior to their arrival in Iran.

The overall steps to receive Iran Tourist visa:

#1. Apply for the visa through a travel agency or official website of Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs website here: https://e_visa.mfa.ir/en/

#2. Receive the visa grant number / authorization code or invitation letter.

#3. Refer to the embassy or consulate to stamp your visa.

** You will choose a visa collection point when you are filling out Iran visa application form.

2.Iran Visa on arrival

Some nationalities are able to get the visa on arrival in the following entry points:

  • Imam Khomeini International Airport (Tehran)
  • Bandar Abbas International Airport
  • Isfahan International Airport
  • Shiraz International Airport
  • Kerman International Airport
  • Qeshm International Airport
  • Kish International Airport
  • Mashhad International Airport
  • Tabriz International Airport
  • Urmia International Airport

Citizens of the following countries cannot get a visa on arrival. (They must apply for the visa and receive the authorization code prior to their arrival in Iran)

  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Colombia
  • Canada
  • Jordan
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Somalia
  • Sri Lanka
  • United Kingdom
  • United State
  • Yemen

Required documents for Iran visa

In order to apply for Iran visa prior to arrival in Iran or even in the airport, you need the following documents:

-Passport photos

** Your passport copy must be colored copy (black and white is not accepted). It is needed to consider that your passport must be valid at least till 6 months after your departure date. Women should wear hijab (a scarf covering hair and neck) for their photos.

-Personal photo

** It should be passport size.

-Visa form

-Travel insurance

Which nationalities do not need Iran visa?

There are 11 nationalities who do not need to obtain visa in order to enter Iran. People from the following countries are allowed to travel to Iran without visa:

  • Azerbaijan
  •  Turkey
  • Georgia
  • Lebanon
  • Serbia
  • Malaysia
  • Syria
  • Armenia
  • Venezuela
  • Bolivia
  •  Egypt

Iran visa for American, Canadian and British passport holders

Based on the regulations or Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs, American, Canadian and British passport holders must be within the tour during their travel to Iran. It means that they have to apply through a travel agency, their travel plan must be fixed and all hotels should be booked in advance. Obviously, they need an authorized tour guide who accompany them during their travel in Iran.

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