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Hoor Travel, is an Iranian tour operator which has been created in order to demonstrate that traveling is not simply a single occurrence like jumping off the side of a rocky mountain face into the water, but more like a surfing wave which will naturally move you through an experience to end up somewhere where perhaps you had not expected to be. We are a leading independent inbound tour operator providing accommodations and ground services for groups or individuals travelling to Iran. Working also on a business-to-business level, we offer exceptional services to International tour operators and independent travel agencies. Our experience and knowledge of the tourism industry allows us to provide excellent services with competitive prices. We are able to provide you with services including accommodation, transportation, meals, and professional tour guides across the vast landscapes of Iran. We deliver different types of tours focused on cultural, food, archaeological, and nature-based tours with activities such as bird-watching and hiking. Quality customer service is a top priority for us, and thanks to our diverse multi-lingual team, we are able to provide professional personalized service to each of our clients. We look forward to meeting new people from all over the world.

Farshad Haghighi (CEO)

Farshad Haghighi was born in a small village in Kermanshah province located in western Iran. The passion for nature was with him since he was a kid and started exploring at the age of 14. Born in a family that is proud to be musicians. He started exploring deserts and mountains in Iran and after a while he went hiking around Alps, Sweeden, Norway and most of the European untouched places. He is a tour planner based in Iran and a tour guide specialized in trekking tours in the desert or in mountains.